Saturday, July 26, 2014


Recently, I had an unfortunate incident where my G1 Roadbuster's arm broke off.  Initially, one may think that was is a result of mishandling the figure.  However, anyone who knows me well enough would know that I tend to handle my Transformers very carefully, especially my G1 and Masterpiece figures.  This is mainly due to the cost of replacing a part that may break, as either line can be pretty expensive for repairs.

As such, I posted a want ad in a group I help administrate on Facebook, the G1 Transformers Buying Trading Selling group.  A member there, Andrew Zamarripamessaged me with a generous offer to help.  After chatting a bit to make proper arrangements, I happily sent payment.

Fast forward just a bit, as I got the box with Roadbuster from Andrew for repairs.  With the spare in hand, I was able to perform an arm transplant.  It's a pretty simple operation, as there's a screw on the front and a screw on the back.  Simply removing both separates the abdomen portion from the back, exposing the pins which hold the arms.  The pins aren't beveled, so just a little finagling will slide the pin up just enough to grip.  I've used a pair of needle-nose pliers on this in the past, but it's not required; I removed the pin with just my fingers this time around.   As it would turn out, I'm going to have to swap the hoods out too, as mine has a small chip from where I transformed it so much as a kid.  

(Roadbuster, it's what's for dinner!)