Tuesday, June 10, 2014

"Me, Grimlock, get moar and moar Masterpiece release! HAHAHA!"

So, like quite a few other collectors, I recently picked up the recent Hasbro release of Masterpiece Grimlock.  Of course, most know this is the second time Hasbro has used this mold in their Masterpiece line, which has always been pretty haphazard compared to Takara[Tomy]'s way of steering the line.  Nevertheless, I'm a bit of a completionist, and I intend to be with Hasbro's releases, especially since they've actually started a numbering system, like how Takara[Tomy] has been doing for TEN years ever since the line has been released.

As it would have it, there have been several collectors nitpick this release on one tiny issue or another.  That being the case, I figured since it's one of the few Masterpiece figures I'll have doubles of, I'd do my own comparison contrast.  I originally posted this here, in TFW2005.COM's Feedback forum thread on the Hasbro release of the figure.  You'll find my thoughts here below as well:

So, I just got my Grimlock in this week from Toys 'R' Us, as I ordered it from their site.  My collecting mo for Hasbro Masterpieces with this new style of packaging is to collect them "mint in box".  That basically translates into me breaking the seal to inspect contents to ensure there are no major defects.  I typically keep Hasbro Masterpieces sealed, but these boxes do not allow for any sort of display of the figure.  I'm a big fan of the new style of boxes, except that I dislike not having some sort of flap like some of the other "collector" style boxes from other releases.  The only other thing I have to say about the packaging is that absolutely HATE the generic logo treatment, especially since it's a carry-over from the new movie line that should have no baring on these figures:

(Me Grimlock going into storage box!)

I figured I'd have a little fun, and do a quick comparison/contrast with my TakaraTomy version.  I don't have the 2010 Hasbro release, or any other variation of MP Grimmy, so this is it:

(HEY!  ME GRIMLOCK, king!)

(But you more handsome like me than me first thought, so me say you can stay!)

Quite honestly, there is virtually no differences with these except the translucent color of clear parts being a bit more greenish.  I'm rather ambivalent towards either release's parts; it's just not that big of a deal for me.

The joints on the new version are fine on mine.  They're tight where they should be.  Also, the chest assembly isn't excessively loose on mine either.  I've transformed my TakaraTomy version quite a few times, so it being just a little looser makes sense.  The gold is virtually the same shade, as well as the vac metal reds.  They grays show a little difference in hue, sure, but I didn't really spot any "mold degradation."  Admittedly, I didn't put it under the microscope either, as I just wanted to some quick fun here.

I'd say that if you can find this figure for a decent price, it's well worth the money and then some.  At $80, it's a STEAL.  I paid $130 for my TakaraTomy version, and I'm the second owner of it.

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  1. The dull plastic is what turns me off from it. Still a decent price though