Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Kronos is MY Masterpiece Skyfire!

Hey guys, quick post, as I just want to share some of my photos taken of my new arrival: DaCa Toys Kronos!  After the photos, I am mirroring some thoughts I've posted at TFW2005.COM as well.  Go!

"It's good to see you again, old friend."
"Likewise, Starscream.  It's been....too long"

"It's the Autobots who are truly evil, not us, Decepticons."
"I suppose you're right...."


"Something's not right here...."

"I MUST fight for the good of others!"

These images were just quick shots from my cell phone, as I mainly just wanted to grab a few images of this figure interacting with my MP-11 Starscream as well as a couple of good head shots for a new avatar image to use over at TFW2005.COM (which is where the last image comes into play with the eye glow).  

My thoughts mirrored from the Kronos thread (which you can read here, if you dare to attempt to read the thread):

I really like mine.  The worst issue I had was that the right knee kinda slips on the ratchet just a tad.  Perfect?  Nope, but for everything it is, I really like for the most part.

Something I could tell from photos is the reds used on the backpack.  I'd prefer a deeper hue instead of the orangish red similar to Alternators Optimus Prime.  A part of me thinks the backpack is too light, but another part of me thinks it's a good choice due to overall balancing the figure while standing.  The feet are a bit tight, and the legs are a bit finicky on the tabbed telescoping design, but it's nothing being careful won't prevent.  I don't mind the partsforming, but I'd prefer not to have it, sure.

That sounds like a lot, but it really isn't.  I really like the robot (probably the greatest strength is how awesome it looks as "SKYFIRE"), and I like the jet mode a lot.  The transformation is much more straightforward than it seems watching videos and reading about it; in fact, it's pretty simple.  I'm REALLY glad I got this figure.

Those are really the only problems I experienced thus far.  I did take apart the right leg to see if something was going on with the knee joint.  It's slipping on one tooth of the rotatory bit.  I probably do need to get a replacement part for it, as it may get worse with wear.  I've had this same thing happen to me on a handful of official releases, too, so I'm not too terribly fussed.  The ankles concern me just for their frailty in design.  Mine are fine, and I just had to be careful.  The leg telescoping feels just a little odd, but like most of the other "issues" I just know to be careful with it.  I treated this like I do the rest of my Masterpieces.

I further commented here:

....on the plastic Hasbro is using....the rubbery plastic feels cheap.  However, the plastic used on the backpack feels knock off-ish a bit, just in a different way.  The rest of the figure doesn't have that same type of plastic.  The backpack is a slightly different plastic, and I've handled enough [knock offs] to know when I have that type of plastic in my hands.  The hollowness of the backpack doesn't help with this, either.  I can see why it was used on the backpack, as I think if the backpack were done any other way, it would impact the balancing of the figure, making it back-heavy.  The tone of color used for it doesn't help, either, as often times [knock offs] that intend to be "red" are a bit more orangish in hue.  Alternators Sideswipe and Optimus Prime have this same issue, though.

The rest of the figure, for me, doesn't have that same feel, though.  It feels very much like a "model kit" to me, much like the MP Seekers and some others.  We'll see what comes down the pipeline from Fans Toys, but for now, I'm pretty thrilled with this guy!

As you can see from my posts, I really feel like this figure isn't for everyone.  I'm really thrilled with it, though (and for those of you keeping count, how many times have I used the word "thrilled?").  I wanted a G1 cartoon Skyfire for my Masterpiece collection that looks spot-on to the cartoon and that towers over all of the other figures, just like he did in the show.  I'm not too fussed about the transformation, but it's not nearly as bad as some others have let on.  If you're in the fence and feel like waiting, Fans Toys is making a figure of this character a bit later.  I just feel like I couldn't go wrong with it.

Did I say I was thrilled?

Let's see that new avatar one more time!


  1. He looks great in photos. Looks like a lot off fun. I just hope I get a good one if I ever get one.

  2. i'm waiting for fanstoys, but i'm glad you got a good one, photos and displays look good