Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Momentary Lapse: Part 2

Quite some time ago, I posted this.  It's bound to happen.  Burnout, life issues, can throw a lot atcha sometimes!  Well, while I've not been completely inactive online, blogging had to take a back seat.  If you're wondering why, perhaps the biggest reason is that I suffered a major notebook crash.  Place that on top of a time when "Tis the season," then one has a recipe for less blogging.

As said, an absence from blogging isn't an absence from hobbies or even being social in said context.  In my blogging absence, while I haven't purchased a lot of Transformers or other toys, I have used the time to cultivate bit of sketching.  I've been posting what I have Transformers-related in the Fan Art section of TFW2005.COM, and the non-TF things on TOYARK.COM.  I was even so inspired to create a G.I. JOE sketch to post on HISSTANK.COM.  You'll find the links below this blog post to each of those.

While I plan out this post, I look to the very near future just exiting Thanksgiving and into Christmas.  Everyone's always busy, including yours truly.  On top of that, my daughter's second birthday is in January.  I can't believe it's been nearly two years since she joined us!  Wow!

(That was 2013!)

(This was 2014!)

Make careful note that the above images are some of the very few instances where Alyssa has interacted with my figures.  Obviously, it's not due to a fear of her breaking things, as Masterpiece Soundwave and the MMC Feral Rex bots are all welcoming.  Mainly it's due to my desire to let her interests develop naturally, one way or another (despite the tunes Soundwave appears to be blastin' from early 2013!).  I never push my hobby on anyone, especially my family.  I couldn't care less if a single member of my family likes a Transformer - as long as it's accepted that it's my "thing," it's all good.  

I've got some things in store that I've been dying to share with you guys (all 6 or so of ya?), but I need things like Photoshop and a Christmas dinner first!

Oh, and here are them links I so promised:

SQ7's "Thank You for Buying Stuff" Sketches Thread
(....and for those of you wanting a sketch card, go to my sales here:  
SQ7 Sells TFs and Other Things! (Free Sketch Card with Each!)

Not Transformers!:
Walter White and Jessie Pinkman - WIP

Talk to you again the next time (whenever that will be)!

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  1. Both of my girls obviously know I like Transformers...and Marvel super heroes, comics, video games, LEGO and trading cards. While they know who Optimus Prime and Bumblebee (G1 of course), they don't really care to play with my toys or watch any of the shows.

    However recently they both have become very interested in LEGO, thanks in part to the Disney Princess and Friends series'.

    While LEGO isn't a huge hobby of mine I love taking them down the building block aisle at the local store. Building sets has been a lot of fun too, even if I'm helping build Repunzal's tower!

    Finding time to juggle family life, work and hobbies can obviously be tough, but now that my girls are growing up (mine are 5 and 3) its been fun answering their questions about the things I like.