Thursday, December 11, 2014

X-Transbots Ollie - Good gollie!

When this figure came in for me, I was super-excited about getting it!  I took a few snapshots and was asked to share a few initial thoughts.  While I am quite the fan of Wheelie, I really wanted to look at this piece very objectively and give it a fair handshake.  While I can sometimes burst out into rhyme, for this blog post I surely won't take the time!  Perhaps if you're on the fence with this figure, reading on will help you decide whether or not to get it....

Just so you know, one of the main reasons I blog here is to provide a secondary source for some of the things I post at TFW2005.COM and other places.  I'm always a fan of having a back-up, especially after some of the things that life throws at us, the least of which aren't computer crashes, as I mentioned previously.  Also, I often times like having a good, easy "go-to" for certain things simply for my own sake!  Such are the reasons I post.  Chances are that you may have already read my thoughts on this either in my discussion thread over on TFW2005.COM or on Facebook.  If so, I have a few things at the end if you felt on the fence here; if this is your first time reading this, then carry on faithful reader!


  • Figure is extremely light-weight, being one of the lightest figures I own....
  • ....which is due to the thin plastic used;
  • Right out of the box, I feel like all samples are going to need a slight adjustment, whether that's a few screws or taking care of some looser joints (some joints are REALLY tight, and some are loose - not floppy, but does require some attention.


  • Design - the sheer strength of the figure is just how nicely it looks in both modes. The gray even becomes unnoticed on the hood as "inaccurate" and flows well with the overall design. The robot rocks. 
  • Straightforward transformation design and it's balance of necessary simplicity and complexity is what I expect from a "Masterpiece" level figure; it's clever;
  • While the plastic is thinner, it seems as if a foresight for tolerances. Other than some joints being loose/tight, it seems this was thought out ahead to reduce breakages.
  • Poseability is nice. Some minor hindrances present, but there's nothing preventing "fun".
  • Weapon storage and inclusions are very clever, especially for dual alt/robot mode usage.

The only reservation I'd have recommending it is the plastic quality. As stated, there's a part of me that says much of its a foresight, as I think more brittle plastic wouldn't last. I feel like the thinner plastic is used where it needs to be, though, and it's not "cheap." The joints (looseness/tightness) can deceive one into thinking this. I think with a few very basic joint tweaks, mine will be great.

(Did I mention that the robot mode rocks?)

As far as poseability, there's this:  Straight legs on X-Transbots Ollie and fixes

I really didn't notice that issue fixed with that above tutorial, but I do plan on revisiting that some time soon.  I suppose if someone is looking for a "hyper-poseable figure," this one isn't it.  I think that plus my earlier statement makes that sound more like the figure is greatly hindered, which it's very much not.  Notably, I achieved each of those poses on that soft blanket (meaning I was able to balance the figure on a surface that wasn't hard).  In short, it's gonna pose in just about every which way you want it to, but it's not one of those "hyper-poseable" figures that can just do everything.  There were a few strange poses that I wanted to try out (such as his lying down with his arms crossed) that I couldn't entirely pull off to my liking, but for basic action poses it's got just about everything.  I think the few snapshots I've posted at least demonstrate that.

Worth it?

I think the main obstacle collectors will face is is this figure worth the price point?  Admittedly, I think the $60 price point here is too high.  I do think that those interested here are already cued into both Masterpiece figures and third party/unofficial figures.  That said, perhaps $60 is much easier to justify for that collector.  I will say that if you can find a really good deal on this figure, that it's certainly worth taking the plunge.  $40-45 would have been a much more ideal price point.  Then again, I'm one who thinks that typically all third party figures are too high, despite understanding much of why those prices are "justifiable."  

The main thing that I really want to convince people about with this one is just don't let the type of plastic fool you with the quality.  I think much of the softer, thinner plastic was used to prevent some things such as breakage were hard plastic used instead.  The design is spot on.

End of the road....

I really like the figure, and I'm going to end up tightening the hip joints like many others have.  I suppose I've also just got this mindset that when someone buys a figure - especially a third party custom figure (which is what they all are, whether it's by me or a single artist and/or a group) - that a certain level of modification is expected.  It's something I have a lot of fun with, even if it's minor.

I hope my thoughts are helpful!  Let me know what you think about what I've shared with you and your own thoughts!

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