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Superquad7's Masterpiece Speculation from 2014-15, Part Three

 . . . . Part Three of my Masterpiece Speculation is here!   Just to note, Part Four will expound just a little bit.  Again, I stated a few posts back that I wanted to archive what I’d already written at one point with my blog.  This was written some time ago, and the fun of it for me is to see what I predict turns out to happen . . . or not!   Anyways, that’s enough of a preface this time; let’s continue!

(If you missed the first two parts, here ya go:  

Part Three:


Grimlock - Between TakaraTomy and Hasbro, we've had three (3) versions of this figure with a fourth on the horizon.  I'd go so far to say that we may get a rerelease of the first mold (as in not an exclusive, but just a straight run of the MP-08), but that's it . . . at least for the foreseeable future.  From what I've seen so far, the designers of TakaraTomy are more bent on things they've not done before.  From a designer's standpoint, I really can't blame them there, nor will I :)

The other four Dinobots (Slag, Sludge, Snarl, Swoop) - I'm sorry, and I hate to burst anyone's bubbles here, but I don't realistically see these happening.  Sure, there's a pocket of fans that would like to see these, but I just don't think the market is there for these guys to hold a release on their own separately.  The four look very similar to each other, except maybe Swoop.  If you get from this writing here that I don't want a set of MP Dinobots, then I'd think you've missed the point of this post as well as my previous two.  This list is about what I think we'll see not about what I'd like to see that we get.  I've just not seen a strong enough argument for these to be made than not.

(Wait!  Where's Snarl?  Who cares?)

Next up:

Tripletrons (or Triple Changers):

Generally speaking, I think once the engineering is solved for the MP combiners, whether that's Devastator style or Scramble City style, I can see at least one of these tackled (guess which one?), [or] perhaps a few.  I'd caution here beyond my first choice, as I don't think the characters themselves have the selling power to warrant a release.  Are you ready for my first candidate?  Here goes:

Sprung (Springer): Out of the small (but not exhaustive) list of Triple Changers, this one seems like the most likely candidate simply because of the character's resonance.  He's a decently popular 2010 character, alongside the likes of Hot Rodimus/Rodimus Convoy.

I don't feel the following characters would warrant their own release, sorry:

Astrotrain and Blitzwing maybe, as they're season 2 characters, but if they were skipped, I don't think people would really be all that upset.  Again, keep in mind the Masterpiece line isn't a Generations line where every single character from G1 will be made eventually or anything like that.  This is still a "greatest hits" line, so to speak.  There are certainly arguments to this, but the counterargument would simply be things like mold usage and whatnot.

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