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Superquad7's Masterpiece Speculation from 2014-15, Part One.

I originally posted this on TFW2005.COM (where I typically share the most about my Transformers hobby), but I did want to archive my thoughts here as well.  You can view the original post by clicking here:  SQ7's Masterpiece Speculation Part 1

Before I post any further, I will preface some of this with:

  • My focus is TakaraTomy's Masterpiece line for the most part, not Hasbro's.  "MASTERPIECE TRANSFORMERS" as a brand and a subline of toys is a TakaraTomy-focused production mostly.  Hasbro generally only produces "what they can, when they can" (As such, you'll note that I primarily use the Japanese names.  There are several other reasons for this, but I'll discuss those later!).
  • I've already been incorrect about Masterpiece speculation in regards to Hasbro's releases at least.  As of this writing, Hasbro has already stated that there are plans to release Masterpiece Prowl at US retail.  For most of 2014, I continued to state that I did not think we'd ever see a US release of any of the Masterpiece cars.
  • My speculation is for fun.
So here goes:

So, I'll chime in here with my own speculation.  The following is just educated guesses based upon what I've seen thus far, and nothing more.  At most, the past is often the best predictor of the future, and when I do any kind of forecasting of things like this, it's generally the most reliable source:

Megatron version 2.0 - it's just a matter of time.  TakaraTomy has no issue with making Megatron a Walther P-30 either.  I'll even say that the Hegemon figure is somewhat of an indicator of things to come.  A trend I've seen is that since MP-10, there has been at least some kind of responsiveness from TakaraTomy and Hasbro in regards to third party items.  Mainly, some actions are an attempt to squash third party offerings.  MP-11 was released not shortly after the Igear 1984 Seeker trio, which means it was in the works while the Wheel_Jack/Igear Coneheads are made and sold.  While I think a G2 Megatron (tank) is less likely, MP G2 Sideswipe gives more credence to the concept as well.  But I'd really push my chips all in on this bet.

Ultra Magnus - We've all read the interviews and the Tweets.  We've even seen the mockup and basically the request directly to the fandom "Would you buy this?" with the resounding "YES".  Just like Megatron, I feel that this is also just a matter of time.  In fact, I'd even go so far to say that Magnus here could be the main 30th celebratory item from TakaraTomy.  The cab is already molded, so some of that work is done.  I'll push my chips in on this one as well.  I'll put in a fanboy wish that's a good indicator as well - Powered Convoy  A straight redeco and a further homage to Diaclone.  That's a no-brainer to me, regardless of my biases. (Note: Ultra Magnus is now a confirmed 2014 release)

The remainder of the 1984/1985 G1 "Show" cast - This is where it starts to get a little tricky.  Here's a rundown, and I'll post my thoughts on each:

The "Minibots"

Bumble[bee] - Confirmed for 2014
Cliff[jumper] - Retool of Bumble, but using the licensed Porsche
Gong/Gongu[Brawn] - Strong possibility/reuse as "Outback" makes this viable
Gears - Strong possibility/reuse as "Swerve" makes this very likely given the IDW popularity
[Wind]Charger - Strong possibility/reuse as "Tailgate" makes this very likely given the IDW popularity
Drag[Huffer] - almost saw a release with MP-10/would have been an "accessory" to MP-10 Convoy.  Most likely with the success of the current MP line, a new design will be made.


Streak - Confirmed for 2013
Hound - If this character is in Transformers 4, that would strengthen the possibility of the release.  There's not real licensing hurdles here, though.  Just a matter of time and timing.
Meister - Fan favorite, just a matter of time
Lambor - Created Fall of 2012
Ligier[Mirage] - Already rumored, Diaclone redeco possibility (see Powered Convoy, as a red Ligier was included in the Powered Convoy gift set).  A "G2 redeco would be fun as well.
Prowl - Confirmed for 2013
Ratchet - Strong possiblity/reuse for Ironhide
Sunstreaker - Strong possibility given the popularity of Lambor.  Reuses as Police and red redecos would homage Diaclone.
Trailbreaker - I'm going to put this one at 70/30.  I do think that the usage of IDW/Generations Trailcutter[breaker] is a deliberate attempt to put the character back out into the public mind's eye.  Reuse as Hoist does strengthen the possibility.  Blue and yellow redecos would homage the Diaclone line, but these would be exclusives of some sort at best.
Wheeljack - Confirmed for 2014
Tracks - No licensing issues.  Reuse as Road Rage is a Diaclone homage.  Possibility here is fairly strong.
[Red]Alert - Created Fall of 2012
Smokescreen - Confirmed for 2013 (Note: this figure has now been released)
Skids - Same as Trailbreaker with the IDW popularity and the Generations toy release.  Still, not as strong of a possibility as some may think.  However, a Crosscut could be a second reusage that would be another Diaclone.
Inferno - I really believe this one isn't as likely.  A reuse/retool as Grapple does make it a bit more possible.  I'm going to throw this one at a 60/40 simply in favor of how TakaraTomy is going about this cast.

Broadcast[Blaster] - I think it's a very strong possibility we'll get this one.  Reason?  Soundwave and cassettes.

Perceptor - Probably one we could do without, but I can see this one being done as well, especially given his role in the death of Optimus Prime as well as his further inclusion of season three.

Convoy - Well, the MP-10 really started this whole thing, didn't it?  :)

I'll be back later to do the Destrons[Decepticons] :)

(Images courtesy of TFW2005.COM)


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