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Superquad7's Masterpiece Speculation from 2014-15, Part Two

Ok, I'm back again with more Masterpiece Transformers Speculation.  As with my previous entry, you can find this originally posted on TFW2005.COM here:  SQ7's Masterpiece Speculation Part 2

If you click the above link, you'll notice that I've cited my first part along with this one.  Part 1.5?  Eh, I'm just going to stick with "part 2", since I don't really feel like it matters a whole lot anyways.  These are mainly split up into "parts" because of the length of posts as well as the fact that I simply posted them at different times.

Off we go again:

So, I've went back and made a few changes to my first part, as I was a bit rushed yesterday when I was writing this.  At any rate, please feel free to reread and look back over some changes there. 

Ok, so as promised, I'm back with part two:

The Destrons [or Decepticons]:

I think what we find here is as far as 1984 goes, we've gotten most of these taken care of.  Technically speaking, as far as just making figures, one can have an entire set of 1984 Destrons[Decepticons] - again, MP-10 is the game-changer here, putting figures like Megatron out of relative size.

Frenzy - Created Fall of 2012
Condor - Created Fall of 2012
Buzzsaw - Created Fall of 2012
Jaguar - Created Fall of 2012
Buzzsaw  - Created Fall of 2012

Soundwave - Created Fall of 2012

Starscream - Created Spring of 2012.  There is a strong possibility of a rerelease, but I really think the focus of TakaraTomy is new, fresh ideas for the Masterpiece line.  Also consider that this is a retool of the MP-03 mold.  Takara[Tomy] has made MP-03 and MP-03G, as well as importing the Wal*mart Hasbro release (with some changes, of course).  Hasbro has the Wal*mart version under their belt.  However, I think the likelihood is very strong for a rerelease in both markets simply because of the selling power of the "STARSCREAM" character.

Thundercracker - Created Fall of 2008/Created Fall of 2012 as reuse of MP-11 mold.  I really think that we're nearly done with Thundercracker here.  We've both the MP-07 and the Hasbro version.  Really the only thing left here is for TakaraTomy to take what Hasbro's done and release it themselves.  I'll say 60/40 simply because it would be easy for TakaraTomy and it would sell decently well.  I've only italicized it as "finished" simply because the Hasbro version uses the MP-11 mold.

Skywarp - Created Fall of 2007.  Much the same case as Thundercracker. 
Ramjet, Thrust, and Dirge - I put these three together, as I really believe we'll either see the set of three or not at all.  Let's face facts: Takara[Tomy] has to be tired of the Jetron/Seeker mold by now.  Nevertheless, there is still a strong demand for these, as evidenced by Igear's own production from their commissioned set from Wheel_Jack.  I won't say a whole lot about the debates with these, but only this - while there was a prevalent rumor that Igear actually obtained stolen steel molds of the Masterpiece Seeker, the fact remains that they commissioned a prototype set from Wheel_Jack, and additional parts molds would have to be created.  I think we could see this set officially from TakaraTomy, but the timing is going to have to be right.  Again, put yourself in the production shoes here: do you put monies towards a core mold that's been used quite a bit, or do you invest in new, fresh concepts?

Megatron - see previous post.

Laserwave [Shockwave] - I think there's a strong possibility this could get made.  Since DotM, Shockwave has been re-established as a "marque" character.  Animated, DotM, and FoC have really ushered in this character back into the spotlight.  Also, the Quakewave is basically crying out for TakaraTomy to a fight.

Reflector - I have to be honest here, as I really think this one could be skipped over, and very little would be "off track" so to speak.  There's some demand, sure, but I'm not seeing enough for a full out release of this one.  I'm just going to say that I don't see this one as very likely.

A little beyond:

Insecticons - Much like Reflector, while many of us really like these characters and would like to see toys made, I think TakaraTomy's focus for the foreseeable future are still the "main" characters - which has always been the focus of the Masterpiece line.  I'll never say never, but these would simply have to be done right and basically have the perfect storm to be a successful venture.

Buildrons[Constructicons]/Devestor[Devestator] - I actually think this will get made at some point.  The reason I say this is because of the possibility of Bruticus.  I say this because of an "If A, then B" type of premise.  If there is a possibility of Bruticus, I'd say the possibility is even stronger for the first, arguably most recognizable Transformers gestalt.

(Images courtesy of TFW2005.COM)

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